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Happy Women’s History Month!!!

Originally , the concept of video games  was developed in the 1950’s as noted in Wikipedia but slowly gained steam in the 1970s and 1980s with video consoles such as Nintendo, Sega, Wii as well as desktop and mobile games like Solitaire and Minesweeper for amusement. Gaming has always been a way of educating one’s mind as well as enjoying entertainment and escaping from reality. The trailblazer for this conception for women is Ms. Carol Shaw.

Carol is a California born and raised woman who developed a keen interest in computers at a very young age. She attended college at UC-BERKELEY and graduated with bachelor and master degrees in Computer Science. Afterwards,she began her video game career at Atari with the debut video game creation of River Raid. She has worked at several other video companies throughout her career and finished her video game creation at Intellivision which is Happy Trails which is her most prominent game to date. This game creation has set a precedent for further video games to come. Video games have become quite popular for young girls for games such as Ms. Pacman, Duck Hunt, Sonic the Hedgehog, Grand Theft Auto as well as other video ventures that have been created so far.Along with music and other forms of entertainment, video games have become a staple for many young children and adults everywhere.

Gaming has always been known to be a man’s domain.However, women have been on the rise with gaming and development for over several years now. There are fellow coding intiatives such as Tech Girls, Black Girls Code,Girls Who Code, and Google coding programs for girls that are starting young with female programmers; there are also college programs that major in gaming such as Wilmington University, Carnegie Mellon University, Princeton University,etc. Also, the number of women who are participating are slowly started to increase at 48% as noted in the Big Fish gaming article noted at  written by Lisa Galanearu. Finally, women have been making strides in this industry as well as other facets of entertainment in a technical sense. Pretty soon, women will be the face of gaming and will serve as a contributing factor to amusement and entertainment which will serve as a win for all women everyone. Game over.

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EYE see you

My black history month posting is featuring Dr. Patricia Bath – inventor of cataracts.

The eyes are the window to the soul. They are a reflection of how you see the world as well as serve as a tool to accomplish daily tools. Eyesight is enhanced through eyedrops,contact lenses,and glasses. However,eyesight changes as women age and can involve surgery which is a risky venture. For this procedure,one woman invented a crucial tool for eye surgery that would forever change our sight of daily lives.

Dr.Patricia Bath was born in New York City and she has dealt with discrimination involving race,gender,and finanical disparities. Despite her challenges, she has taken on a keen interest in math and science. As noted on Wikipedia and, she has obtained her education at Howard University and has done research in NY as well as overseas in third world countries where medical care for vision has been nonexistent for women and children in several communities. She invented a crucial life changing tool called the Laser phaco probe in 1986 which removes cataracts during eye surgery which is common practice as people age. Dr. Bath is highly regarded as the first black woman to be recognized for a patent that had changed lives for women and their families in a visual standpoint. Along with this invention, she has a few more inventions in her storied career as well as serving on a few worldwide boards for ophtamlogy in New York.

Throughout her career, Dr. Bath has had the courage and tenacity to create medical inventions for people everyone that has given then better eyes with a tool to enhance their vision for their daily purposes.  Her vision of enhancing sight for women and people everyone had given everyone a new perspective on how medical enhancement can improve vision and prevent blindness everywhere. I see a brilliant woman who changed everyone’s lives and I hope you can see it too.




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Licensed to Driveless



Ever since you have been licensed, you have been driving me crazy!!!First,technology for automobiles have progressed with Onstar for keyless entry with bluetooth capability to communicate safely while driving. Now, there have been recent reports that the new vehicles on the road will involve auto driving without any participation on the driver’s end.When you think of auto driving,  Knight Rider comes to mind during the 1980’s before technology has been enhanced to the 21st century and beyond. It is predicted in the year 2025 in the Economist that autonomous cars will be the new wave of the future. Also, it will affect women greatly as noted the article written by Amy Danish titled “Women say no to driverless cars…” This article highlights the hesitation of women who are concerned with auto cars especially if it involves childcare and daily errands for women in all facets of life.

According to Nerdwallet, more than 37% of women refuse to purchase a driverless car even though it is noted that a car accident has been reduced by up to 20%. Also, the cost of purchasing this vehicle will be up to $5,000 more for self reliant features as well as the enjoyment of this feature which only have 23% women with an issue for this car. Since women have been noted to be the consumers of cars, this new format of driving will be in grave competition with subways, buses, and Uber services for the average women. Plus, driving will take on a whole meaning for the 21st century where everything done requires less work on our end in an auto format.

Before we know it, we will be driving in the sky like the Jetsons to our future destinations. Sit back and enjoy the auto cruise on your next journey.

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It’s a SMART season

Knowledge is power…with technology revamped for the 21st century. This season always seem to come out with the latest gadgets from phones, tvs,watches, to even clothes that have SMART features that are supposed to make out daily lives easier to manage along with accomplishing daily tasks. As we know, several smart devices have been created by companies such as Apple, Google, Best Buy, Samsung along with a few others on order to be competitive in the job market as well as sustain visibility in a world where everything is done for independence for the average woman.

However,  there are many SMART devices mentioned that have made the average woman dumb and inept to function without technology for one day. For example,  text messaging has made conversation faster with Emojis but involves no verbal communication. Also, smart watches help a woman manage her life on the go but reduce her time in spending with family and friends. Finally, SMART devices like HDTV’s have the ability to enjoy sports and entertainment anytime but no time to truly enjoy the full experience first hand. The advantage of having a smart TV is the ability to connect with a plug from a laptop or phone and enjoy the leisure of watching movies and TV at home without the hassle of long lines and expensive prices; the disadvantage is the lack of interaction with other people and experience missed by staying home.

Whether it is Black Friday,Cyber Monday or any other day of the week, let’s be smart this holiday season and be wise to spend within our means and expand our minds naturally. There is nothing wrong with enjoying technology and enhancing one’s life as a woman to navigate in this century as long as there is wisdom in using smart devices sparingly and make smart decisions with the tools provided for betterment of oneself.

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Holo at me ladies


The spotlight is on you lady. Within the past few years, technology has been more self based with MySpace, Youtube, Facebook,  and Instagram. Now,  the latest 3-D craze is a hologram. A hologram is a virtual version of an object or person that is available right at your home. This new form of virtual reality has live images right in you in a surreal fashion.

For example, certain television shows such as the American Music Awards or The Real have featured Holograms of deceased celebrities such as Michael Jackson,  Tupac, Whitney Houston along with makeovers of everyday women.Now, a hologram will feature Whitney Houston on tour next year. Virtual reality has been taken to another level and the matrix can be available right on your mobile devices as displayed on YouTube.

Also, holograms also bring a whole new meaning to being up close and personal. You would think that 3-D movies with glasses to match for movies would be the utlimate close experience at face value. However, holograms have served as the new form of front row connection to bringing new images to live.  In addition, holograms have either used for financial gain or research to enhance scientific purposes. Plus, the form of a hologram would be entertaining for the average woman as well as expand the mind in a virtual way.

In conclusion, holograms can serve as a  financial or personal element that can change the way a woman looks at virtual reality. Hopefully, holograms won’ t be too close for comfort that can be used against us in a consequential manner. It is imperative to be careful with holograms and use them sparingly like any other technology. Stay vigliant,informed,entertained and please do not ever hestitate to holo back at me in the near future.

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Silence at the movies


Lights,  camera,  and action. Movies have been an average person’s leisure activity next to sports for a great period of time. Normally, most people would attend the nearest movie theater for pure entertainment. However,  apps and tv services such as Amazon Chrome cast have taken over the movie viewer experience.

Originally,  the movie theater was a drive-in invention which was formed in 1933 in Camden,  NJ noted on There are a few drive- in theaters that exist in your local area along with movie theaters that not only provide couches for comfortability but also a 3-D experience at a hefty price which doesn’t include the ticket price. Also, movie prices have greatly increased over the years and the average ticket price is over $10 which doesn’t include charges for special effects along with food and drinks for a night out. Now, apps have recently become popular to watch TV and movies for the average person at little to no cost at the leisure of at home or on the go. For example,  Comcast customers can watch movies online on the HBO GO app depending on the plan along with a few apps such as Showtime, MX player, and Showbox which I use regularly to watch new movies as well as catch up on my favorite TV shows. Plus, you can also watch TV with a theater experience at home by downloading Chrome cast to any compatible device or buy a flash drive and wires at your local Best Buy, hhgregg, or Walmart stores and hook up this service for live entertainment in your own home.

Entertainment can be fun but cost effective at the same time. Hope all is well with your movie plans and enjoy yourselves peacefully. It’s a wrap.

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Fall is the time to be wearing fashionable clothes while being tech savvy. When you think of fashion and style, certain women come to mind: the late Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Sarah Jessica Parker, and First Lady Michelle Obama. These women have been known fashion icons for quite some time. Now, more fashion icons can be seen during New York Fashion Week 2016 sponsored by Mercedes Benz in various places near you.

In addition , several fashion shows can be seen live on Twitter or the website at the comfort of your own leisure if you aren’t able to attend a fashion show due to cost and time constraints. Women are known to be influential in the beauty and fashion industry with over 100 fashion designers featured promoting their clothing lines for each season with various tastes and preferences. Hopefully, online shopping can be made more effective with sales and promotions available near you. It is imperative to stay sharp and fabulous at all times in a technical universe.

Recently, I went to a PHL diversity conference for networking and experienced a fun and funky fashion show first hand. The line featured was for Lily’s Designs in Philadelphia,  PA and the models and clothing were all on fleek. If you happen to catch a fashion week online, check it out and let me know your experience. I plan to do the same for NY fashion week. Stay fly and fabulous.

**UPDATE** I have seen designers Anna Sui, Badgley Mischka, L.A.M.B., and Michael Kors online for NY Fashion Week on my phone with live streaming. I can say that I am highly impressed with the collections and noticed that flowers will be popular next season.

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I Want Your Smart SEX



Sex is one of the most controversial but constant topics known to us women today. This topic pops up everywhere in the media, music, movies, church and even in our local communities.  Recent news note that high school students in the UK have developed color coded condoms known as ST.EYE for a science project promoting safer sex. This new form of protection has been highlighted in the article ” Students invented a condom that changes colour if you have an STI” by Fiona Macdonald for June 2015.  These condoms with implanted bacterial molecules not only glow in the dark but also color code what STD is present before a doctor’s visit.

The color coded protectors dictate the following: Green:Chlamydia,  Yellow:Herpes, Blue:Syphilis, and Purple:Human Pap STD. This invention by these students hopefully can reduce the number of STDs since the current number of men and women which are over 1 million as noted by the World Health Organization from   This rainbow minus the red is clearly something you would not want to taste.

Even though all of us ladies have been procreated by this act and we enjoy this form of pleasure,  it is imperative to use protection and find out about your partners sex background before you get involved. I have always used protection as an example and have been HIV tested a few times and the only color I have seen is clear for a negative result. To sum it all up, wrap it up, get tested, and stay clear at all times. Get busy safely!!!

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Let’s go on summer vacation



It’s summertime!! Now, it is the season of BBQ’S,  beaches, and days off from the constant work grind for some fun in the sun. The best part of summer besides the weather is the time to vacation and relax. According to the article, “Should You Use A Travel Agent or Book Online” written by Kirsten Kahn in March 2015 contrasts the difference between these two options of travel.

I have used a travel agency over five years ago to Las Vegas on a girls trip and the benefits were incredible. The process was time efficient and the package included everything but the downside is the fee that can vary by location and the choices can be slim to none. This article noted briefly that a travel agent may be useful for international travel or cruises in most cases with a passport handy. Also, booking online may be effective based on location. For example,  Southwest Airlines notes that booking online vacations with them includes no online booking fees as well as having up to 2 free bags for travel before extra charges occur.

However, the downside is the extra online fees for some services as well as time consumption wasted in planning trips as highlighted in “The risks of online traveling. …”by Jasemin Weekes. If you plan to do local stay cations, you can also go to local festivals in your area as well as check out LivingSocial, Groupon and local meet ups for some summer fun. Hopefully,  your vacation this summer is well rested and memorable for this season.

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Turn up the music!!

Hey lady techs, get on the dance floor!!! As summer quickly approaches us, many of us will be at backyard BBQ’s, pool parties,  and outdoor parties jamming to songs from the past to the current hits heard right now.

Back in the early 2000’s, Napster was one of the first online streaming services founded by Sean Parker, co-founder of Facebook, along with two other individuals before it was shut down due to complaints from the recording industry for lack of royalties received for music downloads. Since Napster debuted online streaming services,  there have been many alternatives to listen to music besides radio and CD disks which are slowly becoming obselete. For example,  XM Sirius radio station was co-founded by Martine Rothblatt, a Transgender woman, that has been one of the first satellite broadcasted radio stations in existence for over 20 yrs. As a former consumer of Sirius XM, I enjoyed the variety of music choices available from past to present as well as the reasonable payment plan and customer service.

Now, I enjoy listening to music on my phone through the Milk music app as well as downloading music to  my phone that I can listen to through Bluetooth hands free in my car. Carry on in a musical fashion .

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