Let’s go to READ school!!!


Extra, Extra, let’s read about it. Reading is known as one of the most common leisure activities known to mankind.  Learning about different subjects through literature has enhanced minds as well as changed lives. For many women across the world, reading has been an influential activity in addition to shopping, traveling,cooking,and domestic activity.  The art of reading has always been informative for one’s knowledge as well as serve as an escape to the chaos of everyday life. Historically, reading has been a common activity used in books,newspapers,and now online material  which is the new wave of staying abreast in news.

For example,reading has been known to be written in books. Throughout my childhood,books have been common for me to know as well as the rest of my fellow peers. Over 30 million books have been produced around the world for certain memorable books such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, Garfield, The Bernstein Bears,Where’s Waldo,etc. Now,books can be found online through Amazon Audible as well as ebooks used for Kindle as the electronic substitute for reading. The Web has made reading more accessible at one’s fingertips or swipes throughout every smart device used.

In addition, newspapers have also been a common reading device for amusement and information on news. Everything from Dear Abby, Peanuts comic strips to the crossword puzzles have been a common staple for most women . According to the newspaper article written at www.journalism.org by Michael Barthel in 2015, stats show that digital subscriptions online for news entities such as USAtoday,Wall Street Journal, Businessweek with over 50,000 subscribers clearly dominate the way we receive news commentary. Also, online streaming has been another form of news media ready express style for the latest news information at one’s disposal. Finally, digital news have been more convenient for women on the go with careers, families, and social affairs to tend to and still be abreast of the latest news affecting their daily lives.

News will always be a hot topic for women like gossip and it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve and keep our ears to the street for the next headline of the day. Stay tuned.

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  1. There are very few high schools that any college admissions committee knows are “well known/good school” overall. Sure, there are some that the football coach knows about. There are some that the band director wants to recruit out of. But that’s not about GPA at all.

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