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Do you have a job? This is the sentiment that most individuals have seem to be feeling lately with the current economic state of the job market. I,along with several other women and men have experienced the frustration and anger behind the process of applying for jobs and not receive a response or an interview opportunity to obtain a job and remain competitive in today’s job market. I have personally experienced the anguish of taking the time to read the job description, send a resume or cover letter and go to the interview with no response after followups for these positions; there seems to be a common problem with the system of human resources as well as hiring practices. We should investigate how this issue started,who it affects, and how this issue can be resolved.

For starters, the old fashioned way of job searching in the 20th century was to go to a fast food restaurant or a local job in the area with a help wanted sign, fill out a job application and speak with a hiring manager landing a job on the spot. Personally, I can attest to this with my first job experience  at McDonald’s being an easy application process and it was an instant hire. However,  the process has changed with online social presence increase throughout the Web which has caused stiff competition among job applicants and employers filling job specifications in order to decrease unemployment claims filed yearly throughout the states. According to stats from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,  the statistics listed up to September 2016 noted that the unemployment rate is up to 5% for over 8 million people which has remained the same for the past few months. The job creation rate has been stagnant and the prospects are getting slimmer.

Also, the online presence of job applications have accelerated with more employers encouraging job applicants to be visible online through LinkedIn, Monster or job search portals such as Indeed or Simply Hired that requires an online presence with a screening process that will affect Millenials as well as Baby boomers competing in the job market. While applying online to several companies are more convenient for job applicants, job searching has become more difficult  with more competition and less response from employers and more jobs shipped overseas and more requirements with certifications have come to surface with several people gaining side hustles along with entrepreneurship to survive.

Plus, the biggest culprit to lack of job opportunities available in America is outsourcing of jobs for most fields such as marketing, sales,engineering, and IT to such countries as Japan,India,China,etc. As noted in the LinkedIn article by Henny Kal titled,”Why Outsourcing is the biggest growth hack of 2016,” sending jobs overseas has cut costs in overhead down to 60% and increased production as well as enhanced time management to complete tasks with experts with low risk to consider. The outsourcing method had caused the power shift from the US from once being the most powerful country in the world with strong economic power to being downsized with a trillion dollar debt and disdvantaged Americans struggling with mnimum wage and broken dreams that have yet to be achieved.

To sum it all up, having a steady career is the ultimate goal for most people which will not always go as planned. The job market has been greatly affected by the recession as well as outsourcing overseas. More is required for basic jobs as well as the status of full-time jobs available is slim to none. The American Dream of a job,marriage,and white fence is long gone. We are now in the age where jobs are decreasing and the debt and stress levels are increasing. If the job market doesn’t improve soon, all of us will be destitute permanently.Get to work!!

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