Chris on cruise control


Move over Suri. There is a new virtual assistant in the midst of everyone in the 21st century. His name is Chris and you can take him on the road with you across the state in addition to several countries around the world at . Suri can assist  you on Google searches and the phone but  Chris can take over on the road and around the country. This article notes that engineers German Autolabs assist with the trips on the road as well as the music stations while on the road.  As noted, this idea is in fruition but this invention is on its way to being installed on the cars on the road. Chris will be your assistant on the road who will serve well with music choices, emergency road support similar to OnStar in addition to receive updates for voicemail as well as social media applications like Facebook, Twitter,Instagram while driving safely on the road. Cruise control will never be the same with Chris as your autopilot while you are on your next excursion. Along with automation, cars will provide on the road assistance constantly and your on road journey will be hands free permanently. Cruise safely on cruise control.

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