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Shoppers Beware!!!



Deck the halls with loads of shopping bags. As the holiday season approaches us, there will be thousands of shoppers around the country shopping for holiday gifts. There is always concern with safety as well as identity theft and missing money that has seem to plague many people every year. Often, it has been reported that identity theft involved consumer money stolen and security breach issues happened for stores everywhere.  It serves as an issue that will affect consumers as well as businesses during the holidays. We should explore these issues as to why they are a danger and ways to prevent any issues in the future.

For starters,identity theft has been pretty common with debit and credit cards on regular occasions but the holidays pose as a unique threat to consumers who are vulnerable to theft not only with personal information but also missing finances for consumers.According to the 2015 article “Credit card theft ID and theft statistics” listed at by  Tamara E. Holmes, over 35% identity thefts have occurred in the US alone in 2015 involving well-known chain stores such as Target,Neiman Marcus,Ebay,etc. This matter doesn’t only affect USA but other countries as well. For example , other countries such as the UK,France,Australia,and Germany have been affected with identity theft between 6-10% respectively. Plus, the financial effects of theft among shoppers have been totaled up to $38 million dollars which has been really hard to recoup pertaining to our trillion dollar debt as a whole.

Also, the most common time of fraud which is noted is around the holiday season. I have had a personal experience during this season with my card being declined due to suspected fraud, but I was contacted by my bank in due time so I had to get a new card but was spared with no money stolen from my accounts. Unfortunately, most people aren’t that fortunate and have suffered identity theft as well as missing funds that have affected their credit scores as well as personal wellbeings. Stolen card numbers can result from scammed and hackers mirroring duplicates of debit and credit cards as well as not having enough security features on these cards to protect the consumer and enhance profit for businesses anywhere. There can be some viable solutions that can reduce this problem significantly before it spirals out of control.

Finally, the most viable solutions have come to place. As noted in the credit card article previously mentioned, the security feature called EMV is a chip feature that has been debuted in the UK in 2015 and has diminished consumer card issues by over 70%. Since this debut in UK, US has finally caught up to this feature with chipped debit and credit cards to enhance more security and authentication protecting consumers and businesses worldwide.Also, it is encouraged to set up fraud protection with your banks and card accounts to alert you when a suspected fraud is on the rise for security measures.Finally, try to use cash as often as possible to prevent these events from occurring in your account.

Basically, the holidays can be a pleasant but dangerous time to shop and use your cards. Not only does it affects the average consumer but also businesses and profit margins for the whole year. The most effective ways to prevent identity theft is to have a secure card,set up fraud alerts,and use cash when necessary. Altogether,shop smart and stay alert for this season.

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It’s a SMART season

Knowledge is power…with technology revamped for the 21st century. This season always seem to come out with the latest gadgets from phones, tvs,watches, to even clothes that have SMART features that are supposed to make out daily lives easier to manage along with accomplishing daily tasks. As we know, several smart devices have been created by companies such as Apple, Google, Best Buy, Samsung along with a few others on order to be competitive in the job market as well as sustain visibility in a world where everything is done for independence for the average woman.

However,  there are many SMART devices mentioned that have made the average woman dumb and inept to function without technology for one day. For example,  text messaging has made conversation faster with Emojis but involves no verbal communication. Also, smart watches help a woman manage her life on the go but reduce her time in spending with family and friends. Finally, SMART devices like HDTV’s have the ability to enjoy sports and entertainment anytime but no time to truly enjoy the full experience first hand. The advantage of having a smart TV is the ability to connect with a plug from a laptop or phone and enjoy the leisure of watching movies and TV at home without the hassle of long lines and expensive prices; the disadvantage is the lack of interaction with other people and experience missed by staying home.

Whether it is Black Friday,Cyber Monday or any other day of the week, let’s be smart this holiday season and be wise to spend within our means and expand our minds naturally. There is nothing wrong with enjoying technology and enhancing one’s life as a woman to navigate in this century as long as there is wisdom in using smart devices sparingly and make smart decisions with the tools provided for betterment of oneself.

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Fall is the time to be wearing fashionable clothes while being tech savvy. When you think of fashion and style, certain women come to mind: the late Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Sarah Jessica Parker, and First Lady Michelle Obama. These women have been known fashion icons for quite some time. Now, more fashion icons can be seen during New York Fashion Week 2016 sponsored by Mercedes Benz in various places near you.

In addition , several fashion shows can be seen live on Twitter or the website at the comfort of your own leisure if you aren’t able to attend a fashion show due to cost and time constraints. Women are known to be influential in the beauty and fashion industry with over 100 fashion designers featured promoting their clothing lines for each season with various tastes and preferences. Hopefully, online shopping can be made more effective with sales and promotions available near you. It is imperative to stay sharp and fabulous at all times in a technical universe.

Recently, I went to a PHL diversity conference for networking and experienced a fun and funky fashion show first hand. The line featured was for Lily’s Designs in Philadelphia,  PA and the models and clothing were all on fleek. If you happen to catch a fashion week online, check it out and let me know your experience. I plan to do the same for NY fashion week. Stay fly and fabulous.

**UPDATE** I have seen designers Anna Sui, Badgley Mischka, L.A.M.B., and Michael Kors online for NY Fashion Week on my phone with live streaming. I can say that I am highly impressed with the collections and noticed that flowers will be popular next season.

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New Year, New transaction



Happy New year 2015 lady techies!!!! I hope that everything is well with you in a technical sense of fashion. Last year, the technical needs for the average woman have been met through the Samsung Smartphone and Google Glasses which is a phone wearable on your body. This year, your body can pay for anything from food, insurance, to medicine through biometric means of transaction. The CNN article titled “Digital wallets and vein scanners” written by Ted Kermelitous, noted that we as consumers will be paying for everything through hand scanners as well as mobile cards with Google Wallets in the future. Also, it states that with online acts that several customers can set up on several fast food restaurants worldwide. In addition, it is reported that over 219 million customers around the world have used debit cards for transactions since we are moving toward a “cashless” society with the declining value of the dollar as a US currency.  Of course, the downside of this wave involves security of all customer information which is being provisioned constantly. Overall, women spending as consumers will no longer involve cash with wallets but will biometric means with eyes, hands, voice, and faces that will be the new form of “currency” in modern day times.

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Tis’ the season of shopping


Happy holidays!!! December is the month of celebrating the holiday spirit as well as prepping for the new year. According to the website , women account for up to 80% buying power and influence for holiday sales as consumers and business owners for the U.S. alone. In addition,  many commercials and advertising market toward us women from makeup, tech gadgets,  fragrance to the hottest kids toy of the moment. If anyone is seeking a bang for a buck, Cyber Monday is the time to purchase new TVs, phones  or any tech products  on sale. Also, Target recently advertised different days of the week for vital sales. Plus, calendars can be bought at the end of the year for up to 50% as a discount. Finally, you should purchase calendars at the end of the month for discounted prices. Merry shopping.

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