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No more rolling stones for papa?


Where’s daddy? This question is noted to some men who are not only missing from a child’s life but also missing in action when it comes to child conception. The most common forms of  protection for procreation for men are condoms, abstinence, or vastecomies. Now, men can be known as sperm donors by choice along with adoption. In addition, the new form of conception for men in the making is in the form of a switch. This matter will discuss the future of male reproduction with technological advances to how it will prevent future families in the future.

First, it takes two to tango and the man leads with sperm and the woman follows with eggs and fertilization comes along with baby. However, some men experience tragedy with miscarriages along with low sperm count as well as adoption. In addition, there are options for men to abstain as well as having a vastecomy. What if men had the option to control their sperm with a single switch?

Second, a vascetomy for a man is as common as cutting cords for a woman to stop reproduction.  The article notes on that the success rate of vascetomies performed is usually 99% but should proceed with caution due to complications like any other surgical procedure. Since technology has progressed for women with the arm rod similar to the IUD for women; men now have the option to get a sperm switch installed in their bodies. According to the 2016 male sperm switch article written by Samantha Olson at creator of this device is German scientist Clemens Bimken who tested this device on himself and the Bimken SLV will be tested on random men in 2018. Pretty soon, vasectomies will be a thing of the past and men can control their sperm like a light switch and practice safer sex and reproduce children in a responsible light.

Third, adoption is another way to men to have children without conception. The stats on state that less than 5% of men of any age would consider adoption for family status. Adoption is normally considered a woman trait but men also play a part in children’s lives.

To sum it all up, men have played a big part of children and women’s lives. Whether it is through fatherhood,brotherhood, friendships, or mentorship, men are a vital role in society and are needed in order to create balance and structure for mankind. Happy Father’s day to all the men out there.

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I am a Mama’s girl


When a young girl talks to mama, it usually involves whining,screaming,shouting or gibberish language. The common form of communication between moms and their girl children now is email or text message acronyms. Short expressions are very common for the average young girl in the millenial generation. There are a few ways that young girls and women communicate to their mothers: text message, phone call, or Internet short hand acronyms.

For instance, the standard form of communication is by telephone which still resides today. Technology has progressed from the standard landline to cell phones, smartphones, and tablets all across the country. Calling mom on phone is what is presumably is the best known form of talking to for women and their moms. Phone correspondence is still present in this century and will not be going away anytime soon.

In addition,  text messaging has become the new mouthpiece of talking as a sport. Along with email serving as a purpose for this method, texts are the new form of expression for many young women and mom’s today. Now, emojis are new characters in messaging noting in the Communication article written on here in my previous article. The amount of expression one woman can use without words is priceless.

Finally, short expressions next to texts are the new slang vocabulary used for the female masses. Lol, smdh, stfu, mcm, wcw, are some of the more common phrases known around used in regular conversation and social media platforms. Also, it notes in the 2015 article, 28 Internet acronyms that very parent should know by Kelly Wallace noting the importance of moms and dads being aware of teen conversation in this format. Plus, internet safety expert Katie Greer noted a few phrases that moms should be aware of in order to protect their children from harm and danger. A few of these phrases are: 9=parent in room, twd=texting while driving,5ex=Sex,IWSN= I want Sex now, etc. These slang terms can get a mom hip on a teenager’s game and stay abreast of the next generation in this world.

Communication has evolved in a few ways to involve telephone, text messaging and Internet acronyms. Talking isn’t just verbal but also acronyms decode a new way to be hip to the game and stay ahead of the curve. Keep ’em talking.

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Daddy’s home





Two heads are better than one. This is a special notation for Father’s Day.Many of us would not be in existence without fathers.  Even though some men get a bad rap for lack of support or guidance, there are some men who have been influential to my career journey in technology as well as my other pursuits. I can say that I am fortunate to have my dad, brother, boyfriend and other male figures in my family who have been constant positive figures who provides love, discipline, logic, and focus along with sarcasm in  loving fashion.

Also, I have been guided on computer technology  and class projects by a few male advisors in college and I personally want to thank them for their knowledge and support as an MIS student at Rowan University . Even though many of us as women are breaking glass ceilings in their careers, many of us would not have progressed far in our careers without a male perspective in spite of the sexism we constantly face. Ladies, how has a man’s influence affected your tech career as well as personal life?

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Working Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the working moms around the world. Being a mother figure who is able to balance a career along with raising a family is very commendable in today’s world. Recent news reports have note that women have been waiting later in life to get married or have children due to lack of stability, wanting travel pursuits checked off the bucket list and a suitable candidate for marriage or surrogacy once settled in life.

However, being a mother figure requires sacrifice,  selflessness, wisdom, maturity,  balance and unconditional love for the average woman to implement in her lifestyle. I am proud to say that my mom has embodied all of these special qualities and responsibilities  throughout my life so far and I am looking forward to motherhood someday when I am ready. Also, a mother figure can consist of a mom, Grandma, Aunt,  cousin, friend or any woman who stepped up to raise children to the best of their abilities for a healthy transition into you have approached motherhood. To all of the new and current moms, has motherhood hindered or enhanced your professional careers?

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