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EYE see you

My black history month posting is featuring Dr. Patricia Bath – inventor of cataracts.

The eyes are the window to the soul. They are a reflection of how you see the world as well as serve as a tool to accomplish daily tools. Eyesight is enhanced through eyedrops,contact lenses,and glasses. However,eyesight changes as women age and can involve surgery which is a risky venture. For this procedure,one woman invented a crucial tool for eye surgery that would forever change our sight of daily lives.

Dr.Patricia Bath was born in New York City and she has dealt with discrimination involving race,gender,and finanical disparities. Despite her challenges, she has taken on a keen interest in math and science. As noted on Wikipedia and, she has obtained her education at Howard University and has done research in NY as well as overseas in third world countries where medical care for vision has been nonexistent for women and children in several communities. She invented a crucial life changing tool called the Laser phaco probe in 1986 which removes cataracts during eye surgery which is common practice as people age. Dr. Bath is highly regarded as the first black woman to be recognized for a patent that had changed lives for women and their families in a visual standpoint. Along with this invention, she has a few more inventions in her storied career as well as serving on a few worldwide boards for ophtamlogy in New York.

Throughout her career, Dr. Bath has had the courage and tenacity to create medical inventions for people everyone that has given then better eyes with a tool to enhance their vision for their daily purposes.  Her vision of enhancing sight for women and people everyone had given everyone a new perspective on how medical enhancement can improve vision and prevent blindness everywhere. I see a brilliant woman who changed everyone’s lives and I hope you can see it too.




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