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How education is not limited to the classroom.

It’s a SMART season

Knowledge is power…with technology revamped for the 21st century. This season always seem to come out with the latest gadgets from phones, tvs,watches, to even clothes that have SMART features that are supposed to make out daily lives easier to manage along with accomplishing daily tasks. As we know, several smart devices have been created by companies such as Apple, Google, Best Buy, Samsung along with a few others on order to be competitive in the job market as well as sustain visibility in a world where everything is done for independence for the average woman.

However,  there are many SMART devices mentioned that have made the average woman dumb and inept to function without technology for one day. For example,  text messaging has made conversation faster with Emojis but involves no verbal communication. Also, smart watches help a woman manage her life on the go but reduce her time in spending with family and friends. Finally, SMART devices like HDTV’s have the ability to enjoy sports and entertainment anytime but no time to truly enjoy the full experience first hand. The advantage of having a smart TV is the ability to connect with a plug from a laptop or phone and enjoy the leisure of watching movies and TV at home without the hassle of long lines and expensive prices; the disadvantage is the lack of interaction with other people and experience missed by staying home.

Whether it is Black Friday,Cyber Monday or any other day of the week, let’s be smart this holiday season and be wise to spend within our means and expand our minds naturally. There is nothing wrong with enjoying technology and enhancing one’s life as a woman to navigate in this century as long as there is wisdom in using smart devices sparingly and make smart decisions with the tools provided for betterment of oneself.

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I Want Your Smart SEX



Sex is one of the most controversial but constant topics known to us women today. This topic pops up everywhere in the media, music, movies, church and even in our local communities.  Recent news note that high school students in the UK have developed color coded condoms known as ST.EYE for a science project promoting safer sex. This new form of protection has been highlighted in the article ” Students invented a condom that changes colour if you have an STI” by Fiona Macdonald for June 2015.  These condoms with implanted bacterial molecules not only glow in the dark but also color code what STD is present before a doctor’s visit.

The color coded protectors dictate the following: Green:Chlamydia,  Yellow:Herpes, Blue:Syphilis, and Purple:Human Pap STD. This invention by these students hopefully can reduce the number of STDs since the current number of men and women which are over 1 million as noted by the World Health Organization from   This rainbow minus the red is clearly something you would not want to taste.

Even though all of us ladies have been procreated by this act and we enjoy this form of pleasure,  it is imperative to use protection and find out about your partners sex background before you get involved. I have always used protection as an example and have been HIV tested a few times and the only color I have seen is clear for a negative result. To sum it all up, wrap it up, get tested, and stay clear at all times. Get busy safely!!!

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Happy women’s history month lady techs. We are more than just sidekicks and breeders, we also contributed to modern day inventions from medicine, education,  to modern day technology. The first modern computer was invented by Ada Lovelace,  an 18th century countess from the UK who loved computers. According to, she developed a passion for math and science at an early age when women weren’t permitted to be educated or career oriented in her time period. Also, she was mentored by Charles Babb who developed algorithms for computers and her contribution has lead to a series of looping techniques which is responsible for many programs and games today. In addition,  the ADA incentive is a concept for the women’s tech conferences in order to protect women’s rights. Lady Ada is a pioneer in computing who forever changed to face of programming used in modern day technology today.

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Let’s go to the polls!!!


Ready, set, vote!!!!. November is a prime time in America where voting is necessary and imperative to make our voices heard for anything from education, careers to medical care, fuel, housing, etc. It is one of the most important duties that I am able to fulfill as a woman of color and millennial for the 21st century. Many women before me made it possible to fight for our right to vote. A great example is the women suffrage movement led by women such as Alice Paul and Lucy Burns depicted in Iron Jawed Angels or the civil rights movement leaders such as Fannie Lou Hamer who made it possible for black women and women of color to have voting registrations implemented through the 19th Amendment to vote and have voting privilege like fellow men around the world. Before we were able to vote and obtain education as contributing members of society, the other “role” women were allowed to have was caretaker of the family which is admirable but limiting to women who want to reach their greatest potential to make a difference in their lives and communities. I received my voter registration card at 18 and have been voting for local and national issues ever since. You can vote either through an absentee ballot online or go to your local registration office in your state and register for voting online since everything is pretty much technological. Unless you have valid reasons to not be registered to vote, there are no excuses for us ladies to not be registered in this world right now with so many issues affecting us each day. As the saying goes, if you don’t vote…don’t complain. GET OUT AND VOTE…. MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!!!
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Fall into the App


New season, new activity.  As we enter the autumn season, many of us have phones, notebooks, and laptops that contain email, Internet , and apps. Applications on the phones now are more convenient versions of programs to use on the Go. Historically, apps have begun to surface around the finale of the 20th century when millennial like myself have a purpose to access our emails on the go as well as watch the news and access social media like Facebook or Twitter to communicate with colleagues, families,  and friends on a regular basis.  Mobile apps are very beneficial with accessing needed information without accessing Internet constantly.  For example,   I have an email app for my Samsung S4 phone that I easily set up that allows me to receive a notification when I receive emails as well as Facebook, clock, and GPS navigations. Basically, these apps are the new accessory for modern day women in the 21st century.
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Back to school


Ladies, take your seats. Class is in session. Education has not only been the benefactor for women in modern times but also the concept of learning has advanced and has made education more convenient for the average woman. For example, most learning settings involve classrooms in school districts and higher learning institutions around the country. However, education has become “smarter” with online education noted in the Ezine article by Natalie Aranda stating that this new form of virtual learning has actually begun in the 90’s decade when the internet was beginning to sweep the nation. Basically, online education has been prevalent for female students in higher learning settings in order to be able to do online courses that balances work and life schedules for working women with families to pursue education on their terms with various choices. For example, Wilmington University, my alma mater for my MBA degree, is one of the most sought after universities that parlay into this fashion of pursuing advanced degrees balancing work and family. This learning institution has been implementing time management, weekend classes, and online courses with various time schedules which other colleges have followed suit. Along with time management for classes, education has allowed women to be more effective as students as well as corporate leaders which includes online training for several jobs as well around the country. In conclusion, women have been more equipped with the tools to succeed in business and education through virtual resources that crosses all boundaries for mental stimulation and progression toward success for the rest of their lives. Class dismissed.

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Are you ready for some HDTV??



READY, SET, GO!!!!! As this summer season comes to a close,  now is the time for us ladies to get ready to watch college or professional sports such as football, basketball, or any Olympic sport with our families,  friends, on our tvs and cell phones in most settings. Many of us are watching sports now online or on High Definition TV with online streaming features available for our services.  Before technology has progressed to flat screens in HD format, the old fashioned TV was black and white which was the standard TV from the 1950’s up to the early 1980’s. According to Wikipedia for HDTV, the actual HDTV concept was conceived in the 1980’s but was brought into fruition in 1993 by the Digital HDTV Grand Alliance which includes companies such as AT&T, Zenith, and MIT. Also, the first sporting event that was advertised in HD Format was the 1993 European 190 World FIFA Cup that has had a grave influence on sports entertainment for customers ever since. Then, television has advanced to HD TV that has always been a hot seller for this time of the year especially during the holiday season.
How has watching sports affected you as a woman technically in the 21st century?
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