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How Talking Has changed from verbal to viral expression.

Let’s Talk

Communication is supposed to be the primary form of dialogue among women whether it involves gossip, reports, or verbal exchange. Before technology has involved speaking to each other with emojis and text messages, the telephone invention was primal for talking. For the past twenty years, communication devices have evolved from cell phones with touchscreen features to text messages.

Speaking of text messages, this feature has been the new mouthpiece for millions of women and have replaced regular conversation by over 50%. In addition, text messages which are also known as Short Message services have been around since 1995 from the debut of  phone company APC with a joint venture with Sprint and 1992 from an engineer in Finland  via Wikipedia. Plus, the instant message feature similar to text message was commonly used in AOL in the 90’s that have progressed to online chat features used in Facebook, Twitter and several corporate companies texting around the area. The pros are the ability to reach others in a bad area, quick response time, and short messaging; the cons are lack of communication,  lazy form of expression,  misinterpretation of message sent, and limitation of personal connection with loved ones.

Even though text messages are great to send out quick notes and messages, I also prefer direct communication face to face with family and friends. How do you communicate: phone call, text, email?

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