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Licensed to Driveless



Ever since you have been licensed, you have been driving me crazy!!!First,technology for automobiles have progressed with Onstar for keyless entry with bluetooth capability to communicate safely while driving. Now, there have been recent reports that the new vehicles on the road will involve auto driving without any participation on the driver’s end.When you think of auto driving,  Knight Rider comes to mind during the 1980’s before technology has been enhanced to the 21st century and beyond. It is predicted in the year 2025 in the Economist that autonomous cars will be the new wave of the future. Also, it will affect women greatly as noted the article written by Amy Danish titled “Women say no to driverless cars…” This article highlights the hesitation of women who are concerned with auto cars especially if it involves childcare and daily errands for women in all facets of life.

According to Nerdwallet, more than 37% of women refuse to purchase a driverless car even though it is noted that a car accident has been reduced by up to 20%. Also, the cost of purchasing this vehicle will be up to $5,000 more for self reliant features as well as the enjoyment of this feature which only have 23% women with an issue for this car. Since women have been noted to be the consumers of cars, this new format of driving will be in grave competition with subways, buses, and Uber services for the average women. Plus, driving will take on a whole meaning for the 21st century where everything done requires less work on our end in an auto format.

Before we know it, we will be driving in the sky like the Jetsons to our future destinations. Sit back and enjoy the auto cruise on your next journey.

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