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Happy Holidays!!!


Seasons greetings fellow techies. This will be my final post for 2016 so I encourage you all to subscribe to my Web page and contact me at Twitter @techdiva15 if you have any questions. Finally, have an enjoyable and safe holiday season. See you in 2017!!!

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Shoppers Beware!!!



Deck the halls with loads of shopping bags. As the holiday season approaches us, there will be thousands of shoppers around the country shopping for holiday gifts. There is always concern with safety as well as identity theft and missing money that has seem to plague many people every year. Often, it has been reported that identity theft involved consumer money stolen and security breach issues happened for stores everywhere.  It serves as an issue that will affect consumers as well as businesses during the holidays. We should explore these issues as to why they are a danger and ways to prevent any issues in the future.

For starters,identity theft has been pretty common with debit and credit cards on regular occasions but the holidays pose as a unique threat to consumers who are vulnerable to theft not only with personal information but also missing finances for consumers.According to the 2015 article “Credit card theft ID and theft statistics” listed at by  Tamara E. Holmes, over 35% identity thefts have occurred in the US alone in 2015 involving well-known chain stores such as Target,Neiman Marcus,Ebay,etc. This matter doesn’t only affect USA but other countries as well. For example , other countries such as the UK,France,Australia,and Germany have been affected with identity theft between 6-10% respectively. Plus, the financial effects of theft among shoppers have been totaled up to $38 million dollars which has been really hard to recoup pertaining to our trillion dollar debt as a whole.

Also, the most common time of fraud which is noted is around the holiday season. I have had a personal experience during this season with my card being declined due to suspected fraud, but I was contacted by my bank in due time so I had to get a new card but was spared with no money stolen from my accounts. Unfortunately, most people aren’t that fortunate and have suffered identity theft as well as missing funds that have affected their credit scores as well as personal wellbeings. Stolen card numbers can result from scammed and hackers mirroring duplicates of debit and credit cards as well as not having enough security features on these cards to protect the consumer and enhance profit for businesses anywhere. There can be some viable solutions that can reduce this problem significantly before it spirals out of control.

Finally, the most viable solutions have come to place. As noted in the credit card article previously mentioned, the security feature called EMV is a chip feature that has been debuted in the UK in 2015 and has diminished consumer card issues by over 70%. Since this debut in UK, US has finally caught up to this feature with chipped debit and credit cards to enhance more security and authentication protecting consumers and businesses worldwide.Also, it is encouraged to set up fraud protection with your banks and card accounts to alert you when a suspected fraud is on the rise for security measures.Finally, try to use cash as often as possible to prevent these events from occurring in your account.

Basically, the holidays can be a pleasant but dangerous time to shop and use your cards. Not only does it affects the average consumer but also businesses and profit margins for the whole year. The most effective ways to prevent identity theft is to have a secure card,set up fraud alerts,and use cash when necessary. Altogether,shop smart and stay alert for this season.

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