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Happy independence day!!!


Welcome to the United States of Independence ladies. As we approach this month of July, it is imperative to be aware of the state of independence of USA from Great Britain as well as the idea that technology has enhanced most women to seek independence with technology used for everyday life.  As we encounter independence with tech forms, we shall discuss the effect of independent state of women through socialization and technical aspects to our daily lives.

First, the social aspect of society had changed as a whole. Before the concept of technology has evolved to socialization online, telephones and pen pal letters were the main ways women would remain in contact with their families and friends and loved ones while in relationships.  Today, the main form of speaking to others is through email or social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,Instagram,Skype, etc. Women speaking with each other can involve a take out service of talking on the go due to various options available in a fast pace world.Even though the positive involves hands free communication through various sources, the lack of internal connection has been made along with the art of being self centered.

Second, the art of talking that was present at family dinners have been reduced to phubbing on mobile devices instead of verbal communcation. The article,”Has technology made us more independent? ” by Chris Matyszczyk at has pointed out the independent nature technology has bestowed upon us. It notes that online media has made the average person,man or woman, more capable of performing more convenient tasks for oneself such as ordering food online, taking Uber services for transportation ,express opinions on blogs and online community ,etc. The idea that self sufficiency is present in the 21st century along with everything being less involved : wireless, driverless, paperless,gasless, etc. The assistance of daily tasks such as driving, cooking, reading,or verbal connection involved assistance of several people to accomplish one task. Now, an individual person can perform daily tasks of on one accord without the time hassles or reliance of people.

Finally, the concept of technology has spread to women to all forms in various walks of life creating an autonomous existence for daily function. Now,the simple concept of human interaction is a challenge due to social media and phones which will cease if women learn to balance everything and remain interdependent on others instead of themselves. To sum it all up, two heads are better than one.

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© 2016. Loren Techie. MS. I.T. All rights reserved.