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Holo at me ladies


The spotlight is on you lady. Within the past few years, technology has been more self based with MySpace, Youtube, Facebook,  and Instagram. Now,  the latest 3-D craze is a hologram. A hologram is a virtual version of an object or person that is available right at your home. This new form of virtual reality has live images right in you in a surreal fashion.

For example, certain television shows such as the American Music Awards or The Real have featured Holograms of deceased celebrities such as Michael Jackson,  Tupac, Whitney Houston along with makeovers of everyday women.Now, a hologram will feature Whitney Houston on tour next year. Virtual reality has been taken to another level and the matrix can be available right on your mobile devices as displayed on YouTube.

Also, holograms also bring a whole new meaning to being up close and personal. You would think that 3-D movies with glasses to match for movies would be the utlimate close experience at face value. However, holograms have served as the new form of front row connection to bringing new images to live.  In addition, holograms have either used for financial gain or research to enhance scientific purposes. Plus, the form of a hologram would be entertaining for the average woman as well as expand the mind in a virtual way.

In conclusion, holograms can serve as a  financial or personal element that can change the way a woman looks at virtual reality. Hopefully, holograms won’ t be too close for comfort that can be used against us in a consequential manner. It is imperative to be careful with holograms and use them sparingly like any other technology. Stay vigliant,informed,entertained and please do not ever hestitate to holo back at me in the near future.

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