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Silence at the movies


Lights,  camera,  and action. Movies have been an average person’s leisure activity next to sports for a great period of time. Normally, most people would attend the nearest movie theater for pure entertainment. However,  apps and tv services such as Amazon Chrome cast have taken over the movie viewer experience.

Originally,  the movie theater was a drive-in invention which was formed in 1933 in Camden,  NJ noted on There are a few drive- in theaters that exist in your local area along with movie theaters that not only provide couches for comfortability but also a 3-D experience at a hefty price which doesn’t include the ticket price. Also, movie prices have greatly increased over the years and the average ticket price is over $10 which doesn’t include charges for special effects along with food and drinks for a night out. Now, apps have recently become popular to watch TV and movies for the average person at little to no cost at the leisure of at home or on the go. For example,  Comcast customers can watch movies online on the HBO GO app depending on the plan along with a few apps such as Showtime, MX player, and Showbox which I use regularly to watch new movies as well as catch up on my favorite TV shows. Plus, you can also watch TV with a theater experience at home by downloading Chrome cast to any compatible device or buy a flash drive and wires at your local Best Buy, hhgregg, or Walmart stores and hook up this service for live entertainment in your own home.

Entertainment can be fun but cost effective at the same time. Hope all is well with your movie plans and enjoy yourselves peacefully. It’s a wrap.

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