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Fall is the time to be wearing fashionable clothes while being tech savvy. When you think of fashion and style, certain women come to mind: the late Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Sarah Jessica Parker, and First Lady Michelle Obama. These women have been known fashion icons for quite some time. Now, more fashion icons can be seen during New York Fashion Week 2016 sponsored by Mercedes Benz in various places near you.

In addition , several fashion shows can be seen live on Twitter or the website at the comfort of your own leisure if you aren’t able to attend a fashion show due to cost and time constraints. Women are known to be influential in the beauty and fashion industry with over 100 fashion designers featured promoting their clothing lines for each season with various tastes and preferences. Hopefully, online shopping can be made more effective with sales and promotions available near you. It is imperative to stay sharp and fabulous at all times in a technical universe.

Recently, I went to a PHL diversity conference for networking and experienced a fun and funky fashion show first hand. The line featured was for Lily’s Designs in Philadelphia,  PA and the models and clothing were all on fleek. If you happen to catch a fashion week online, check it out and let me know your experience. I plan to do the same for NY fashion week. Stay fly and fabulous.

**UPDATE** I have seen designers Anna Sui, Badgley Mischka, L.A.M.B., and Michael Kors online for NY Fashion Week on my phone with live streaming. I can say that I am highly impressed with the collections and noticed that flowers will be popular next season.

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