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I Want Your Smart SEX



Sex is one of the most controversial but constant topics known to us women today. This topic pops up everywhere in the media, music, movies, church and even in our local communities.  Recent news note that high school students in the UK have developed color coded condoms known as ST.EYE for a science project promoting safer sex. This new form of protection has been highlighted in the article ” Students invented a condom that changes colour if you have an STI” by Fiona Macdonald for June 2015.  These condoms with implanted bacterial molecules not only glow in the dark but also color code what STD is present before a doctor’s visit.

The color coded protectors dictate the following: Green:Chlamydia,  Yellow:Herpes, Blue:Syphilis, and Purple:Human Pap STD. This invention by these students hopefully can reduce the number of STDs since the current number of men and women which are over 1 million as noted by the World Health Organization from   This rainbow minus the red is clearly something you would not want to taste.

Even though all of us ladies have been procreated by this act and we enjoy this form of pleasure,  it is imperative to use protection and find out about your partners sex background before you get involved. I have always used protection as an example and have been HIV tested a few times and the only color I have seen is clear for a negative result. To sum it all up, wrap it up, get tested, and stay clear at all times. Get busy safely!!!

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Let’s go on summer vacation



It’s summertime!! Now, it is the season of BBQ’S,  beaches, and days off from the constant work grind for some fun in the sun. The best part of summer besides the weather is the time to vacation and relax. According to the article, “Should You Use A Travel Agent or Book Online” written by Kirsten Kahn in March 2015 contrasts the difference between these two options of travel.

I have used a travel agency over five years ago to Las Vegas on a girls trip and the benefits were incredible. The process was time efficient and the package included everything but the downside is the fee that can vary by location and the choices can be slim to none. This article noted briefly that a travel agent may be useful for international travel or cruises in most cases with a passport handy. Also, booking online may be effective based on location. For example,  Southwest Airlines notes that booking online vacations with them includes no online booking fees as well as having up to 2 free bags for travel before extra charges occur.

However, the downside is the extra online fees for some services as well as time consumption wasted in planning trips as highlighted in “The risks of online traveling. …”by Jasemin Weekes. If you plan to do local stay cations, you can also go to local festivals in your area as well as check out LivingSocial, Groupon and local meet ups for some summer fun. Hopefully,  your vacation this summer is well rested and memorable for this season.

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