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Love is not only also a constant emotion that is desired by most women around the world but also a hot commodity for e-commerce and personal fulfillment. Apparently, the concept of dating has vastly changed throughout the 21st century for many women millennials. The original concept of dating was meeting people through mutual family and friends. However, dating and marriage has become viral through reality shows such as The Millionaire Matchmaker, Friends to Lovers, to dating websites such as OKCupid,, Plenty of Fish, Tinder, etc. Recent studies from “Love By Numbers” article from note that there are currently over 47% women who attempt to find love online.

I have managed to create online profiles in the past for OKCupid and with a few dates before I ended up in a committed relationship. However, love can be complicated online sometimes as it downplay real courting noted in the Essence online article “Is Courting Important to You?” by Jolie A. Doggett. The plus is that love can be pursued anywhere globally along with a good time expanding horizons, the negative is the laziness input of both male and female dating as it can limit real connection through communication as well as making a real effort of sustaining a genuine lifelong relationship. Personally, I am a modern millennial career woman who enjoyed dating men from online connection but would enjoy becoming real friends before dating long term. Ladies, what would you prefer for love long term: regular courtship or virtual dating?

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