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Let’s go to the polls!!!


Ready, set, vote!!!!. November is a prime time in America where voting is necessary and imperative to make our voices heard for anything from education, careers to medical care, fuel, housing, etc. It is one of the most important duties that I am able to fulfill as a woman of color and millennial for the 21st century. Many women before me made it possible to fight for our right to vote. A great example is the women suffrage movement led by women such as Alice Paul and Lucy Burns depicted in Iron Jawed Angels or the civil rights movement leaders such as Fannie Lou Hamer who made it possible for black women and women of color to have voting registrations implemented through the 19th Amendment to vote and have voting privilege like fellow men around the world. Before we were able to vote and obtain education as contributing members of society, the other “role” women were allowed to have was caretaker of the family which is admirable but limiting to women who want to reach their greatest potential to make a difference in their lives and communities. I received my voter registration card at 18 and have been voting for local and national issues ever since. You can vote either through an absentee ballot online or go to your local registration office in your state and register for voting online since everything is pretty much technological. Unless you have valid reasons to not be registered to vote, there are no excuses for us ladies to not be registered in this world right now with so many issues affecting us each day. As the saying goes, if you don’t vote…don’t complain. GET OUT AND VOTE…. MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!!!
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