Monthly Archives: October 2014

Fall into the App


New season, new activity.  As we enter the autumn season, many of us have phones, notebooks, and laptops that contain email, Internet , and apps. Applications on the phones now are more convenient versions of programs to use on the Go. Historically, apps have begun to surface around the finale of the 20th century when millennial like myself have a purpose to access our emails on the go as well as watch the news and access social media like Facebook or Twitter to communicate with colleagues, families,  and friends on a regular basis.  Mobile apps are very beneficial with accessing needed information without accessing Internet constantly.  For example,   I have an email app for my Samsung S4 phone that I easily set up that allows me to receive a notification when I receive emails as well as Facebook, clock, and GPS navigations. Basically, these apps are the new accessory for modern day women in the 21st century.
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