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Back to school


Ladies, take your seats. Class is in session. Education has not only been the benefactor for women in modern times but also the concept of learning has advanced and has made education more convenient for the average woman. For example, most learning settings involve classrooms in school districts and higher learning institutions around the country. However, education has become “smarter” with online education noted in the Ezine article by Natalie Aranda stating that this new form of virtual learning has actually begun in the 90’s decade when the internet was beginning to sweep the nation. Basically, online education has been prevalent for female students in higher learning settings in order to be able to do online courses that balances work and life schedules for working women with families to pursue education on their terms with various choices. For example, Wilmington University, my alma mater for my MBA degree, is one of the most sought after universities that parlay into this fashion of pursuing advanced degrees balancing work and family. This learning institution has been implementing time management, weekend classes, and online courses with various time schedules which other colleges have followed suit. Along with time management for classes, education has allowed women to be more effective as students as well as corporate leaders which includes online training for several jobs as well around the country. In conclusion, women have been more equipped with the tools to succeed in business and education through virtual resources that crosses all boundaries for mental stimulation and progression toward success for the rest of their lives. Class dismissed.

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Are you ready for some HDTV??



READY, SET, GO!!!!! As this summer season comes to a close,  now is the time for us ladies to get ready to watch college or professional sports such as football, basketball, or any Olympic sport with our families,  friends, on our tvs and cell phones in most settings. Many of us are watching sports now online or on High Definition TV with online streaming features available for our services.  Before technology has progressed to flat screens in HD format, the old fashioned TV was black and white which was the standard TV from the 1950’s up to the early 1980’s. According to Wikipedia for HDTV, the actual HDTV concept was conceived in the 1980’s but was brought into fruition in 1993 by the Digital HDTV Grand Alliance which includes companies such as AT&T, Zenith, and MIT. Also, the first sporting event that was advertised in HD Format was the 1993 European 190 World FIFA Cup that has had a grave influence on sports entertainment for customers ever since. Then, television has advanced to HD TV that has always been a hot seller for this time of the year especially during the holiday season.
How has watching sports affected you as a woman technically in the 21st century?
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