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Greetings Techies!!


Welcome to the new world of communication, lady techies!!! This is a debut of my online blog as a professional woman in the technology industry. My plan is to share any experiences with you along with how technology has not only affected our careers but also our daily lives. These days, technology has become a necessity to business solutions as well as many forms of life present today. Communication, vacations, businesses, dating as well as ordering food has had an influence of today how mankind operates in the 21st century and beyond. The internet has been around forever but it has really blown up for us over the past 20+ yrs as a part of the Y generation. Here is the first topic of the day: JOBS. Job searching for building a career has progressed over time and there are many differences you may have encountered with applying for jobs in a regular corporate business setting vs. applying online. PROS:  Applications can be done at one’s own pace, spellcheck is a necessity in Microsoft Word, flash drive is the new floppy disk, and multiple jobs can be applied to at the same time. CONS: resumes and qualifications can be fabricated unless proven otherwise, no real representation of  applicant displaying qualifications proper for the right job, quicker rejection responses, and lack of interpersonal connection unless contacted for an interview. What is your take on applying for JOBS in the 21st century today?

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