Tattoos to the new year!!!


New year, new you!! As we approach 2017, there has been vast changes in technology with shopping,traveling, working, and functioning in the 21st century. This year may change the way we look at tattoos. Originally,some tattoos are done in shops with sketch books and drawings. However, the new wave of technology has arrived with Apple and Duoskin that will change the game of tattoo design in the 21st century.

Historically, tattoos have been the symbol of human decoration for centuries. First, the website “A brief history of tattoos” at notes that tattoos go back as far as 12000 BC in Egypt and was served as a purpose for cultural celebration or identifying women for marriage material as well as used for male and female criminals and spies in Japan. Even though the popularity of tattoos have been faded throughout time, tattoos have recently gained popularity among the millenial social media generation through technology with Apple products and Duoskin being developed by MIT students with Microsoft collaboration.

Recently, the new wave of tattoo design has come to surface with the rawest form of design. The article, “How a high tech tattoo artist is taking his industry digital” by Chiara Sottile at This new form of design was created by tattoo artist Justin Nordine from Colorado. He is an art major who found a new way to art for the 21st century for his clients with a mechanical approach. The typical style of tattoos is done with ink and paint on skin but this style involves apple and Ipad products as the new canvas design for future clients. This form of design is mechanical but functional at the same time. The tattoo design done on his customer Laura Palmero with a 3D design concept that took several hours to complete but she was satisfied with the results.

Finally,Duoskin tattoos are another form of individual expression created by MIT students and Microsoft Research department as noted in this article at display these temporary tattoos to serve as a function for wireless communication designed in Goldleaf material as well as wear as jewelry with LED lighting. Currently ,this design is undergoing research but may serve as another way to enhance use of mobile products as well as personal decoration once it is approved in the future.

Basically, tattoos are like piercings and hairstyles. All of these elements are individually expressed by others and have been enhanced by technical elements to keep up with the times and remain relevant in modern culture. Whether tattoos are designed by Ipad, sketch pad or metallic material, tattoos are here to stay and will remain to make a mark on people’s lives for any given time. Overall, continue to thrive and express yourselves.

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Happy Holidays!!!


Seasons greetings fellow techies. This will be my final post for 2016 so I encourage you all to subscribe to my Web page and contact me at Twitter @techdiva15 if you have any questions. Finally, have an enjoyable and safe holiday season. See you in 2017!!!

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Shoppers Beware!!!



Deck the halls with loads of shopping bags. As the holiday season approaches us, there will be thousands of shoppers around the country shopping for holiday gifts. There is always concern with safety as well as identity theft and missing money that has seem to plague many people every year. Often, it has been reported that identity theft involved consumer money stolen and security breach issues happened for stores everywhere.  It serves as an issue that will affect consumers as well as businesses during the holidays. We should explore these issues as to why they are a danger and ways to prevent any issues in the future.

For starters,identity theft has been pretty common with debit and credit cards on regular occasions but the holidays pose as a unique threat to consumers who are vulnerable to theft not only with personal information but also missing finances for consumers.According to the 2015 article “Credit card theft ID and theft statistics” listed at by  Tamara E. Holmes, over 35% identity thefts have occurred in the US alone in 2015 involving well-known chain stores such as Target,Neiman Marcus,Ebay,etc. This matter doesn’t only affect USA but other countries as well. For example , other countries such as the UK,France,Australia,and Germany have been affected with identity theft between 6-10% respectively. Plus, the financial effects of theft among shoppers have been totaled up to $38 million dollars which has been really hard to recoup pertaining to our trillion dollar debt as a whole.

Also, the most common time of fraud which is noted is around the holiday season. I have had a personal experience during this season with my card being declined due to suspected fraud, but I was contacted by my bank in due time so I had to get a new card but was spared with no money stolen from my accounts. Unfortunately, most people aren’t that fortunate and have suffered identity theft as well as missing funds that have affected their credit scores as well as personal wellbeings. Stolen card numbers can result from scammed and hackers mirroring duplicates of debit and credit cards as well as not having enough security features on these cards to protect the consumer and enhance profit for businesses anywhere. There can be some viable solutions that can reduce this problem significantly before it spirals out of control.

Finally, the most viable solutions have come to place. As noted in the credit card article previously mentioned, the security feature called EMV is a chip feature that has been debuted in the UK in 2015 and has diminished consumer card issues by over 70%. Since this debut in UK, US has finally caught up to this feature with chipped debit and credit cards to enhance more security and authentication protecting consumers and businesses worldwide.Also, it is encouraged to set up fraud protection with your banks and card accounts to alert you when a suspected fraud is on the rise for security measures.Finally, try to use cash as often as possible to prevent these events from occurring in your account.

Basically, the holidays can be a pleasant but dangerous time to shop and use your cards. Not only does it affects the average consumer but also businesses and profit margins for the whole year. The most effective ways to prevent identity theft is to have a secure card,set up fraud alerts,and use cash when necessary. Altogether,shop smart and stay alert for this season.

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Hire me!!!


Do you have a job? This is the sentiment that most individuals have seem to be feeling lately with the current economic state of the job market. I,along with several other women and men have experienced the frustration and anger behind the process of applying for jobs and not receive a response or an interview opportunity to obtain a job and remain competitive in today’s job market. I have personally experienced the anguish of taking the time to read the job description, send a resume or cover letter and go to the interview with no response after followups for these positions; there seems to be a common problem with the system of human resources as well as hiring practices. We should investigate how this issue started,who it affects, and how this issue can be resolved.

For starters, the old fashioned way of job searching in the 20th century was to go to a fast food restaurant or a local job in the area with a help wanted sign, fill out a job application and speak with a hiring manager landing a job on the spot. Personally, I can attest to this with my first job experience  at McDonald’s being an easy application process and it was an instant hire. However,  the process has changed with online social presence increase throughout the Web which has caused stiff competition among job applicants and employers filling job specifications in order to decrease unemployment claims filed yearly throughout the states. According to stats from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,  the statistics listed up to September 2016 noted that the unemployment rate is up to 5% for over 8 million people which has remained the same for the past few months. The job creation rate has been stagnant and the prospects are getting slimmer.

Also, the online presence of job applications have accelerated with more employers encouraging job applicants to be visible online through LinkedIn, Monster or job search portals such as Indeed or Simply Hired that requires an online presence with a screening process that will affect Millenials as well as Baby boomers competing in the job market. While applying online to several companies are more convenient for job applicants, job searching has become more difficult  with more competition and less response from employers and more jobs shipped overseas and more requirements with certifications have come to surface with several people gaining side hustles along with entrepreneurship to survive.

Plus, the biggest culprit to lack of job opportunities available in America is outsourcing of jobs for most fields such as marketing, sales,engineering, and IT to such countries as Japan,India,China,etc. As noted in the LinkedIn article by Henny Kal titled,”Why Outsourcing is the biggest growth hack of 2016,” sending jobs overseas has cut costs in overhead down to 60% and increased production as well as enhanced time management to complete tasks with experts with low risk to consider. The outsourcing method had caused the power shift from the US from once being the most powerful country in the world with strong economic power to being downsized with a trillion dollar debt and disdvantaged Americans struggling with mnimum wage and broken dreams that have yet to be achieved.

To sum it all up, having a steady career is the ultimate goal for most people which will not always go as planned. The job market has been greatly affected by the recession as well as outsourcing overseas. More is required for basic jobs as well as the status of full-time jobs available is slim to none. The American Dream of a job,marriage,and white fence is long gone. We are now in the age where jobs are decreasing and the debt and stress levels are increasing. If the job market doesn’t improve soon, all of us will be destitute permanently.Get to work!!

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Keeping up on social media




Keeping up with the Joneses seems to be a common wave on social media today. Every media outlet such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. implement the concept of critical assessments between people of all backgrounds trying to one up each other in daily ventures through online photo albums. Usually, people use bragging rights by mouth or actions performed to display a sense of entitlement.  However, the new age of competitive advantage has been met to the extremes with online comparisons of lives that may or may not exist. We should explore the ways technology affects us with illusions and perceptions through online propaganda,expectation vs.reality,and the psychological effects of online media today.

For starters, social media has been dubbed the online version of On Demand with immediate access to everyone’s lives at any time. Whenever you browse a homepage of Facebook or Twitter, you can’t help but notice the perception of online posts that make other people feel inadequate . The perception of online photo albums make an average person believe that those individuals are living better lives than them. However, the frame of mind goes to show that all that glitters isn’t gold.

Also, the art of competition has been very significant online especially with women. There is always daily pressure for women to be prettier, smarter,richer,more popular and more talented. This pressure is highlighted in advertising,magazines,radio,and online content and family and friends for women. Self- esteem for women is a touchy subject for  since the most common sign of success is either a booming career or a happy marriage with kids and a dog. In addition, the article “5 Negative Effects of Social Media On Your Mental Health” written by George Houston at display the downside of online content that include jealousy, anxiety, depression and an unhealthy distraction from real life that one can face with pausing ones love to play a false picture in their heads.

Finally, there is a big difference between expectation vs. reality that online media presents. Social media has been made to be a tool in our lives where images have been speaking thousands of words and have made an assumption that people who get married or have group pictures are always happy and the illusion is that everything in their world is A-OK. However ,the reality is that no one has a picture perfect life and to use logic and discernment to dissect the real truth behind the pictures. We are all guilty of gloating and boasting about our daily lives but we should be more realistic and emphasize the importance of love for one self and others and our lives are enough.

To sum it all up, social media has opened up new cans of insecurity, loneliness, and jealousy that should cease to exist since everyone has a life that go I am starting to understand that our lives are at different journeys and to be grateful for our lives right now. One woman should not be keeping up with the Joneses but she should only keep up with herself to be at peace with her life on and offline.

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Happy independence day!!!


Welcome to the United States of Independence ladies. As we approach this month of July, it is imperative to be aware of the state of independence of USA from Great Britain as well as the idea that technology has enhanced most women to seek independence with technology used for everyday life.  As we encounter independence with tech forms, we shall discuss the effect of independent state of women through socialization and technical aspects to our daily lives.

First, the social aspect of society had changed as a whole. Before the concept of technology has evolved to socialization online, telephones and pen pal letters were the main ways women would remain in contact with their families and friends and loved ones while in relationships.  Today, the main form of speaking to others is through email or social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,Instagram,Skype, etc. Women speaking with each other can involve a take out service of talking on the go due to various options available in a fast pace world.Even though the positive involves hands free communication through various sources, the lack of internal connection has been made along with the art of being self centered.

Second, the art of talking that was present at family dinners have been reduced to phubbing on mobile devices instead of verbal communcation. The article,”Has technology made us more independent? ” by Chris Matyszczyk at has pointed out the independent nature technology has bestowed upon us. It notes that online media has made the average person,man or woman, more capable of performing more convenient tasks for oneself such as ordering food online, taking Uber services for transportation ,express opinions on blogs and online community ,etc. The idea that self sufficiency is present in the 21st century along with everything being less involved : wireless, driverless, paperless,gasless, etc. The assistance of daily tasks such as driving, cooking, reading,or verbal connection involved assistance of several people to accomplish one task. Now, an individual person can perform daily tasks of on one accord without the time hassles or reliance of people.

Finally, the concept of technology has spread to women to all forms in various walks of life creating an autonomous existence for daily function. Now,the simple concept of human interaction is a challenge due to social media and phones which will cease if women learn to balance everything and remain interdependent on others instead of themselves. To sum it all up, two heads are better than one.

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No more rolling stones for papa?


Where’s daddy? This question is noted to some men who are not only missing from a child’s life but also missing in action when it comes to child conception. The most common forms of  protection for procreation for men are condoms, abstinence, or vastecomies. Now, men can be known as sperm donors by choice along with adoption. In addition, the new form of conception for men in the making is in the form of a switch. This matter will discuss the future of male reproduction with technological advances to how it will prevent future families in the future.

First, it takes two to tango and the man leads with sperm and the woman follows with eggs and fertilization comes along with baby. However, some men experience tragedy with miscarriages along with low sperm count as well as adoption. In addition, there are options for men to abstain as well as having a vastecomy. What if men had the option to control their sperm with a single switch?

Second, a vascetomy for a man is as common as cutting cords for a woman to stop reproduction.  The article notes on that the success rate of vascetomies performed is usually 99% but should proceed with caution due to complications like any other surgical procedure. Since technology has progressed for women with the arm rod similar to the IUD for women; men now have the option to get a sperm switch installed in their bodies. According to the 2016 male sperm switch article written by Samantha Olson at creator of this device is German scientist Clemens Bimken who tested this device on himself and the Bimken SLV will be tested on random men in 2018. Pretty soon, vasectomies will be a thing of the past and men can control their sperm like a light switch and practice safer sex and reproduce children in a responsible light.

Third, adoption is another way to men to have children without conception. The stats on state that less than 5% of men of any age would consider adoption for family status. Adoption is normally considered a woman trait but men also play a part in children’s lives.

To sum it all up, men have played a big part of children and women’s lives. Whether it is through fatherhood,brotherhood, friendships, or mentorship, men are a vital role in society and are needed in order to create balance and structure for mankind. Happy Father’s day to all the men out there.

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I am a Mama’s girl


When a young girl talks to mama, it usually involves whining,screaming,shouting or gibberish language. The common form of communication between moms and their girl children now is email or text message acronyms. Short expressions are very common for the average young girl in the millenial generation. There are a few ways that young girls and women communicate to their mothers: text message, phone call, or Internet short hand acronyms.

For instance, the standard form of communication is by telephone which still resides today. Technology has progressed from the standard landline to cell phones, smartphones, and tablets all across the country. Calling mom on phone is what is presumably is the best known form of talking to for women and their moms. Phone correspondence is still present in this century and will not be going away anytime soon.

In addition,  text messaging has become the new mouthpiece of talking as a sport. Along with email serving as a purpose for this method, texts are the new form of expression for many young women and mom’s today. Now, emojis are new characters in messaging noting in the Communication article written on here in my previous article. The amount of expression one woman can use without words is priceless.

Finally, short expressions next to texts are the new slang vocabulary used for the female masses. Lol, smdh, stfu, mcm, wcw, are some of the more common phrases known around used in regular conversation and social media platforms. Also, it notes in the 2015 article, 28 Internet acronyms that very parent should know by Kelly Wallace noting the importance of moms and dads being aware of teen conversation in this format. Plus, internet safety expert Katie Greer noted a few phrases that moms should be aware of in order to protect their children from harm and danger. A few of these phrases are: 9=parent in room, twd=texting while driving,5ex=Sex,IWSN= I want Sex now, etc. These slang terms can get a mom hip on a teenager’s game and stay abreast of the next generation in this world.

Communication has evolved in a few ways to involve telephone, text messaging and Internet acronyms. Talking isn’t just verbal but also acronyms decode a new way to be hip to the game and stay ahead of the curve. Keep ’em talking.

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Let’s go to READ school!!!


Extra, Extra, let’s read about it. Reading is known as one of the most common leisure activities known to mankind.  Learning about different subjects through literature has enhanced minds as well as changed lives. For many women across the world, reading has been an influential activity in addition to shopping, traveling,cooking,and domestic activity.  The art of reading has always been informative for one’s knowledge as well as serve as an escape to the chaos of everyday life. Historically, reading has been a common activity used in books,newspapers,and now online material  which is the new wave of staying abreast in news.

For example,reading has been known to be written in books. Throughout my childhood,books have been common for me to know as well as the rest of my fellow peers. Over 30 million books have been produced around the world for certain memorable books such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, Garfield, The Bernstein Bears,Where’s Waldo,etc. Now,books can be found online through Amazon Audible as well as ebooks used for Kindle as the electronic substitute for reading. The Web has made reading more accessible at one’s fingertips or swipes throughout every smart device used.

In addition, newspapers have also been a common reading device for amusement and information on news. Everything from Dear Abby, Peanuts comic strips to the crossword puzzles have been a common staple for most women . According to the newspaper article written at by Michael Barthel in 2015, stats show that digital subscriptions online for news entities such as USAtoday,Wall Street Journal, Businessweek with over 50,000 subscribers clearly dominate the way we receive news commentary. Also, online streaming has been another form of news media ready express style for the latest news information at one’s disposal. Finally, digital news have been more convenient for women on the go with careers, families, and social affairs to tend to and still be abreast of the latest news affecting their daily lives.

News will always be a hot topic for women like gossip and it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve and keep our ears to the street for the next headline of the day. Stay tuned.

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She’s got game




Happy Women’s History Month!!!

Originally , the concept of video games  was developed in the 1950’s as noted in Wikipedia but slowly gained steam in the 1970s and 1980s with video consoles such as Nintendo, Sega, Wii as well as desktop and mobile games like Solitaire and Minesweeper for amusement. Gaming has always been a way of educating one’s mind as well as enjoying entertainment and escaping from reality. The trailblazer for this conception for women is Ms. Carol Shaw.

Carol is a California born and raised woman who developed a keen interest in computers at a very young age. She attended college at UC-BERKELEY and graduated with bachelor and master degrees in Computer Science. Afterwards,she began her video game career at Atari with the debut video game creation of River Raid. She has worked at several other video companies throughout her career and finished her video game creation at Intellivision which is Happy Trails which is her most prominent game to date. This game creation has set a precedent for further video games to come. Video games have become quite popular for young girls for games such as Ms. Pacman, Duck Hunt, Sonic the Hedgehog, Grand Theft Auto as well as other video ventures that have been created so far.Along with music and other forms of entertainment, video games have become a staple for many young children and adults everywhere.

Gaming has always been known to be a man’s domain.However, women have been on the rise with gaming and development for over several years now. There are fellow coding intiatives such as Tech Girls, Black Girls Code,Girls Who Code, and Google coding programs for girls that are starting young with female programmers; there are also college programs that major in gaming such as Wilmington University, Carnegie Mellon University, Princeton University,etc. Also, the number of women who are participating are slowly started to increase at 48% as noted in the Big Fish gaming article noted at  written by Lisa Galanearu. Finally, women have been making strides in this industry as well as other facets of entertainment in a technical sense. Pretty soon, women will be the face of gaming and will serve as a contributing factor to amusement and entertainment which will serve as a win for all women everyone. Game over.

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